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Why every business needs a website...(and a good one!)

So you’ve finalised your product or you’ve nailed your service and your business is ready to start operating.

What now?

The first thing to note is that every business, regardless of size, location, or industry, should have a website.

The majority of people in this day and age will visit a website before they make their first purchase. And that goes for your customers too.

In our experience, some new businesses tend to shy away from launching a website as they feel they don’t have enough technical experience, or they don’t have the time amongst their other business demands.

We’ve found this to be the case for established businesses too, who can be so adamant they don’t need a website as their business started before the rise of internet. What they tend to forget is that their customer base will change, and their business needs to adapt with the moving times in order to survive.

Essentially, a website is vital for your business launch, but is also just as vital for your business growth and long term success.

If you still need convincing, we are here to give you the lowdown on just how important your website will be for your business...

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