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One of our most frequently asked questions from our clients is what is a call to action?

So let’s break it down.

Call to actions are a way to get your audience to DO something once they’ve seen your content.

For this blog post, we will concentrate on call to actions on a social media post.

The more people that take a call to action on your social media post, the more people Facebook and Instagram will show your post to.

The more people that see your post , the more of a chance you have in securing a customer!

Here are 3 call to action ideas you can start using on your social media posts today!


Ask your audience to comment on your post.

By involving your audience this way creates space for some great engagement. The algorithm LOVES comments as it shows that your audience values your content, trusts you enough to comment and therefore Instagram and Facebook will show your posts to more people!


Ask your audience to go to your website.

Directing your audience to your website will allow more people to get to know your brand, your products or your services. You can include a direct link to your website in your bio on Instagram directing them to it too.


Ask your audience to share their post with their friends.

Creating shareable content is a really great way to get seen by more people on social media. Posting relatable content or funny/interesting information that people will want to share with their friends and family will help you not only grow your social media accounts but grow your business!

Will you be adding any of these call to actions to your social posts today?

We’d love to know how you get on, drop us a comment or a message.

For more social media tips and tricks follow Gherkin Creative on Instagram or Facebook.


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